About This Blog

This blog contains my daily experiences that have been approved by me :) .

I have been blogging since end of 2005, in a different site. Then, I wanted to categorize all posts that are related with Oracle Database and PL/SQL language by the help of this blog. Currently, I am sharing my experiences with software development lifecyle and Oracle tools that help architectures and developers to build better software.

I am interested-in software engineering concepts and their interactions with Oracle and PL/SQL language.
My focus areas are; Design Patterns, Refactoring, Test Automation, Agile and Scrum, Rule Based Expert Systems, Oracle Rules Manager, Scheduler, Advanced Queueing and so on...

I will also share my solutions/workarounds/quick-wins regarding to Oracle errors that i encountered in the real life.

If single line of code has been changed with my experiences, I fell myself very happy :)

You can contact me via mtekbir_at_gmail_dot_com

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